What is an insurance adjuster?

An insurance adjuster is someone who works on behalf of the insurance company as a claims adjuster (or in some cases a “loss adjuster”) they assist the policy holder and the insurance company in determining the value of an individual claim while also acting to investigate the claims veracity and liability.

For the auto insurance industry an insurance adjuster has the technical skills to assess a particular accident for the purpose of determining the cause and the effects of the accident. They will spend time preparing the paperwork for the insurer regarding the claim that has been made and assess things like depreciation, repair or replacement costs of vehicles and property involved and make a recommendation on the actual cash value of the claim.

Insurance adjusters can include specialists from several fields and are represented in the United States auto insurance business usually by:

  • Liability Insurance Adjusters – these adjusters operate in the instances where an accident involves damage or injury to third parties (including property)
  • Property Insurance Adjusters – these adjusters assess the damage to buildings or built up structures involved in accidents
  • Multi-line Insurance Adjusters – the most common adjuster to work in the US auto insurance industry, these adjusters can handle many different aspects of claims including liability and property

An insurance adjuster will make sure that your coverage includes the specific circumstances of your claim and they determine who or what is responsible for the accident itself, this is to calculate which parties will pay compensation and which parties that compensation will be paid to.

Their normal duties include ensuring that claims are progressed in the appropriate manner and in a timely fashion. They will file all the correct documentation with the insurer and other parties involved not just in the accident but also those involved in addressing the issues caused by the accident.

They will work for the insurer to determine the levels of cost and negotiate with service providers and other parties to minimize the costs on behalf of both the insured party and the insurer. They may also be able to influence the speed at which repairs are conducted and be authorized to offer settlements to the parties involved.

Insurance adjusters are an important part of the claims process they ensure that your insurer gets the maximum value for their money and a speedy resolution to the claims process.