Is it a good idea to spy on a teen driver?

Parent of teen driver may feel nervous when their children are operating vehicles. Some parents desire ways to monitor their teen drivers. They look for technology to ease the way, which can include monitoring systems.

As new drivers, teens may desire risk-taking when driving, including speeding. However, this risk-taking comes at a high price. First, teen drivers can experience 4 times the number of vehicular accidents in comparison to adults. Second, parents who add teen drivers to their vehicle coverage face much high premiums.

There are ways to combat the problem of teen drivers who take too many risks. Technology is the key. Types of technology include video cameras and the electronic recording of teen driving speeds. Some insurance companies will offer discounts when technology monitors teen drivers.

In 2009, a teen driving auto study found that technological uses work. Technology has become popular with many parents. Mr. Glen Pyrtle, a Dallas-based parent, monitors his daughter, Jennilee. He uses a monitoring system that tracks her speed. Plus, the system warns him if Jennilee drives out of a pre-approved driving range. He feels that the monitoring works well for teen drivers, such as his daughter.

Use Satellites

GPS (Global Positioning Systems) can monitor teen drivers. The GPS-based tracking systems can tell parents where their teen drivers drove. The Safety Beacon GPS unit, a professionally installed system offers a variety of information. The system highlights driving zones, car location capabilities and departure notifications. Parents can provide an email address and have the notifications forwarded to them.

Some car dealers offer GPS installation. For example, The Skylink Protect provides speed alerts and functions as a stolen car locator in an emergency. Moreover, the system gives parent the chance to unlock doors via remote access control. Parents can find systems that monitor with a cellphone
Utilize Video
Parents can sign-up with a company called DriveCam. The DriveCam video feedback system highlights teen driving patterns. All footage goes to a safety professional at DriveCam. Parents receive weekly driving safety reports.

Use Recorded Data for Insurance Review

Spying on teen drivers

spying doesn't mean lack of trust

Some cheap auto insurance firms offer massive discounts to parents of teens who install a monitoring device. Parents can check with their insurers for more information.

Give Time Limits for Teen Drivers

Some vehicle manufacturers offer technology for controlling teen drivers as they operate a vehicle.

Use Government-based Monitoring

For example, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles offers the Teen Electronic Event Notification Service (TEENS ). The service gives parental notification if a teen encounters specific traffic-related violations. Others states may follow pursuit, including Florida.

Close Down Cellphones

Parents can check with their cellphone providers about text- and call-disabling programs. These programs go into effect upon car movements. A smartphone application may perform this similar function.

Make Use of Low-Tech Options

A parent can purchase a bumper sticker called “How’s My Teen Driving?”. This sticker can trigger telephone calls to reporting centers that notify parents.

Parents can watch the numbers on the car’s odometer. If the numbers become high, they can talk to their teens.

Teen drivers can become more responsible with time and experience. Until then, Parents can explore different ways to spy on teen drivers.