Consequences of Driving without insurance – Why You Should Not Do It

Driving without insurance is not only risky, but dangerous, as well. Driving without the proper auto insurance will certainly cost you a substantial amount, much more than if you just decided to pay for your insurance fees in the first place. Operating a vehicle without coverage is considered to be a major misdemeanor in most US states.
Being caught driving without insurance will certainly be a cause for an increase in insurance premiums. If you get convicted, such a bad record will be reflected against your license for many years. Likewise, the consequence of having no insurance while driving can be severe. For instance, in the case of a collision, there is the possibility of being charged for damages.

Penalties when Caught Driving Without License

Penalties and fines for driving without auto insurance vary depending on the state that you live in. Some US states takes a hard stand when their drivers are caught driving without proper auto insurance. Needless to say, the seriousness of this violation has significantly increased throughout the years. In many states, such a misdemeanor can cause you to lose driving privileges and require you to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The state can even have your car impounded. With such grave consequences, is it really worth the risk of driving around with car insurance?

First time Offender

If you are found to possess no valid car insurance for the first time, you will receive a fine of 100 to 500 dollars, with the possibility of having your registration and license suspended. Some states charge other type of fees or surcharges, apart from the fine itself.

Second / Third Time Offender

If you are caught by an officer for the second or third time driving without any insurance, this means the suspension of your driver’s license and registration for six months to a maximum of one year. Your fine, on the other hand, will amount to as much as $1000. There is a possibility that your vehicle will be impounded. After multiple similar offenses, you will be required to spend one year in prison in a number of states.

Involved in Car Accident

If you are involved in a car accident, wherein multiple injuries were inflicted to the other driver or passengers, you will not only have to face a much stiffer consequences, like heftier fines and longer jail time, but you will be answerable to problems concerning the injured parties.

First of all, you must pay for all damages done to the other vehicle, which can be in the amount of thousands of dollars. If the other driver or passengers suffered injuries, you will pay for their medical bills. You will have to face possible charges if the injury to the other parties is serious, and likewise pay for lost wages, emotional pain and suffering, and other forms of punitive damages.

It is Ideal to Obtain Cheap Insurance

Oftentimes it is better to obtain cheap insurance from small companies, the coverage and policy products of which are known to have the same quality as that of the major insurers. These small insurance companies are able to keep their rates low mainly because they do not spend much in advertisements, unlike the big-time insurers.

If you decided that you want cheap insurance for your auto, there are ways for you to obtain them. If you have current auto insurance, you might want to check if you are getting all the possible savings that you can avail. If not, then it is time to obtain a new insurance policy.

Changing to Cheap Auto Insurance is possible by doing the following

Go for Annual Insurance Policies. It is advisable to select an annual policy since this can increase any savings on your auto insurance. If you buy a yearly policy instead of six-month insurance, this offers you a low rate that will not be changed for at least a year.

Install Theft Devices: All brand new vehicles possess theft devices. If you have a car with an anti-theft gadget installed in it, you can avail of discounts on your auto insurance.

Request for a Multiple Auto Discount. It is possible that you can insure your two cars at a price of one. At least, insuring the second car does not cost as much as the first car. If you possess two or more cars, it is advisable to talk with your insurer or agent about getting applicable discount on your auto insurance.

Apply for Group Discounts. Many insurance companies offer significant discounts on car insurance to people who are affiliated with certain groups or organizations. These range from college fraternities and credit unions. If you maintain a particular credit card, you might be entitled to group discounts. Check such discounts with your insurer and request for information on organization affiliations.

Consider Comprehensive Storage Coverage: If you need to store away your car for a long period of time, you can get cheaper car insurance by obtaining comprehensive coverage such storage time. Since your vehicle will be stored, it is unlikely it that you will get involved in an accident or require liability coverage.